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May 30, 2014

My brother bought his first home just about a year ago. Not only was I excited that he was moving near our home but he also asked me to pick out some great artwork for his new space. I wanted to keep the bachelor vibe of his new place prevalent while still being able to showcase his personality. He is such a happy fun loving guy. I wanted you to feel that when you were in his space. He also had some requests, the art wall needed to include some pictures of things he liked, baseball, and his two cute pooches Bentley and Gimlee. This is what I came up with:

Source List:
1. Stikwood Adhesive Wood Paneling// West Elm (This was used as a backdrop behind the art wall to emphasize that bachelor pad vibe)
2. Bear Print by Sebastian Gomez De La Torre// Society 6
3. Corgi by Yuminette// Society 6
4. Game of Thrones 80's/90's Characters by Mike Wrobel// Society 6
5. Sports Blueprint Art// Pottery Barn Kids
6. Dave Grohl by Replaceface// Society 6
7. U.S. Cellular Scoreboard// Great Big Canvas
8. Tennis Racket DIY
9. Stay Classy by Jordan Soliz// Society 6
10. Street Walker by Kevin Russ// Society 6
11. Veterans Stadium// Great Big Canvas
12. Lhasa Apso by Bethany Ng// Society 6
13. Han "Not So Solo" by Evan Schiller// Society 6
14. Black Resin Deer Head// Luvocracy

Need some tips for picking out art to help reflect your personality? Here are some questions you need to ask yourself: What kind of things are you into? (ie: Star Wars, baseball, or your pets) What are your fave colors? What are some of your favorite memories? Writing down some of the answers to these questions will make it a little easier to find artwork that reflects your personality. Society 6 is always a favorite site for me to look on for individualistic artwork. They have tons and tons (pretty much anything you could ever want or need)! Of course Pinterest is always a great place for inspiration as well. Whatever you decide to hang in your home just make sure that you love it, that's all that really matters.

Modern Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

May 28, 2014

Today is a big day. I finally finished our little guy's baby afghan! To say that this was a labor of love would be an understatement (hello early onset arthritis ;) ). When I found out that I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to crochet our little one a blanket but I wanted to make sure it was done in a modern way. Stripes seemed liked a safe way to go. They are simple but add such an impact. When I found out we were expecting a boy I spent hours (ok that might be a slight exaggeration but it was definitely almost an hour) at JoAnn's trying to come up with the perfect color scheme. I wanted it to be an ombre, but not too literal of an ombre (gradation of color from light to dark). This is what I came up with:

Here is the color palette that I used:
(I found everything at JoAnn's)

What's that you say? You want to make your own? You got it! Here is how I did mine:

First off I wanted my blanket's end size to be 32"x35" so a little bit more of a rectangle than perfect square. The reason that I picked 7 different colors is because 35 is divisible by 7 therefor making each stripe 5" wide. This blanket can also easily be made into a girl blanket. Just swap the blues for pinks and corals.

Let me preface before getting into the steps. I am somewhat of a tight crocheter (again with the early onset arthritis), so please feel free to adjust any of the steps to your crochet style. For beginners here are some videos to help you get started, and how to make the stitches I am talking about: How to chainHow to make a half double crochet stitch, How to crochet in just the back loops only, How to make a slip stitch.
1. Create a chain the is 32" in length. I chained 155 stitches to create 32".
2. In the second loop from your hook start with your first HDC (half double crochet) IN THE BACK LOOPS ONLY this will create more of a knitting type of stitch and finish down the row.
3. Once you have finished your last HDC chain 2 and flip your piece around and create your first HDC in the back loops only on your next row in the second stitch away from your hook. Head back the opposite way. HDC in the back loops only.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have completed a total of 26 rows. 26 seemed to end up being just around 5 inches for me. Feel free to adjust how many rows you need to do to create 5 inches in width of that color. 
5. Once you have reached 5" in width for your first color you need to cast off the yarn from your hook. Simply do this by snipping off 3-4" tail and pulling that tail all the way through your stitch creating a knot.
6. Cast on your new color. You can do this by creating a slip knot on your hook as if you were going to create another chain like in step on. Create a slip stitch where you left off. Chain 2 and flip your piece over to head down the opposite way you left off HDC in the back loops only.
7. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have another 5" width of that color, and then repeat step 6.
8. Repeat step 7 until you have finished all of your stripes.
9. Tie in all of  your ends by weaving the tails in and out of your created HDC's. 
10. Snuggle that new little baby in the amazing blanket you have just made.
11. Repeat step 10 as often as possible ;).

There you have it guys. It is such an easy pattern. Just a little time consuming, but what crochet projects aren't. If you are looking to finish this a little faster consider doing a DC (double crochet) or TC (triple crochet) instead of a HDC (half double crochet). Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this pattern. Always happy to help! Happy crocheting ;).

Recreated//Feminine Living Room

May 27, 2014

Today's recreated is a little more on the feminine side. Which for me as a designer is a little challenging and I am always up for a challenge!


For me I think that this space creates a wonderful balance between masculine and feminine. When you are designing a room you always want to keep a sense of balance in your room, it is more intriguing to your eye. The feminine aspects of this room are: the quatrefoil wallpaper (curved lines offer a sense of femininity since they reflect the female shape), the painted white chair, and pastel colors in the chair and pillows. By offsetting those elements with more masculine items such as: the oriental rug (the colors are more vibrant, typically masculine colors could be considered as royal colors ie: navy, red, dark green, etc), the black and white abstract art (while the art features curved lines and circles which could be considered feminine but since they are done in an abstract way with the harsh strokes in colors that offer such a high contrast it makes the piece appear more masculine), and the wood used on the furniture and the flooring offer a masculine aspect (I mean have you ever met a man who didn't love wood... they are obsessed it's like part of their DNA)!
How you could achieve this concept of feminine and masculine living harmoniously in your home is by 1. consider layering your elements (ie. place pillows from the royal color palette we talked about on a pastel sofa or chair), 2. mix wood pieces with painted pieces, and 3. take a step back throughout your process for every feminine piece try and place a masculine piece somewhere, or perhaps use a 2:1 ratio. Creating balance is something hard to achieve but it can be done! Try something that is a little outside your comfort zone when layering pieces in your home and use a discerning eye. Just take your time. No need to rush and if your don't want to go that route just copy this Recreated living room I made for you ;). Easy peasy!  

Source List: 
1. Mid Century Daybed// etsy
2. Clear Glass Table Lamps (set of 2)// Overstock
3. Cream Square Linen Lamp Shade x2// Destination Lighting
4. Imperial Trellis Wallpaper// Layla Grace (less expensive option)
5. Mongolian Lamb Pillow// West Elm
6. Crew Circlet Pillow// West Elm
7. Vintage Batik Pillow// etsy
8. Sequin Cutwork Pillow// West Elm 
9. Safavieh Annabelle Club Chair// Target
10. Merete Curtains// Ikea
11. Set of Four Abstract Paintings// Lamps Plus
12. 8x10 Tan Jute Rug// Overstock
13. Heret Oriental Rug// Overstock
14. Pair of Cobalt Vases// etsy
15. Lack Coffee Table// Ikea
16. Leopard Footstool// ATG Stores
17. Stack of Books
18. Hot Pink Peonies for Vases
19. Carla Peters Sand Glazed Vase// West Elm

$50 Giveaway From Pink Blush Maternity

May 22, 2014

Dress c/o, Vest: Similar, Similar, Scarf: Similar, Sandals, Watch  

Today I am teaming up with Pink Blush Maternity for an awesome giveaway! Pink Blush offers trendy maternity clothes at amazing prices. I have been living in their dresses ever since they arrived on my doorstep. They are so comfy! So if you are pregnant, wanting to be pregnant, planning on getting pregnant at all in the near future, or if you just want to eat an extra large meal for dinner by all means get to entering! 

<Entries will be verified and winner will be contacted via email>

Good luck!!

Lately Loves

May 20, 2014

1/ If you follow me on Instagram you'd know that I was on vacation last week in Myrtle Beach, SC. Can I just say that I love the south. Just everything about it, the food, the hospitality, and the way of life. It's so refreshing! We had a blast but it was so hard coming back to the real life. Wish we could live on a perma-vacay ;)!
2/ I ordered this rug for the nursery. Loving everything plus signed lately.
3/ I want to do this Ikea hack for our upstairs landing area. Love the mid century modern spin on contemporary looking Ikea furniture.
4/ This is a great read if you are wondering how to optimize your SEO outreach for your blog/website.
5/ All I know is that I need these sandals and they are on sale! Win-win...or win-win-lose if you look at it through my husband's eyes ;).

6/ The colors in this rug make me swoon. I am thinking though that it could make a super cute afgan. Better bust out those crochet hooks!
7/ Fauxidermy seems to be on the way out as far as interior design is concerned but I think the people who decide things are "in" or "out" need to take a look at this t-rex head, or this shark head if your are more into...gulp...sharks.
8/ This maxi is the perfect maternity dress for the summer. I love how you could wear it plain or layer it with a denim jacket or scarf.
9/ Obsessed with this idea of making a yearly photo book of your little one. Love the layout she created and how modern it is. Out with the dye-cuts and patterned scrapbook paper people!
10/ If I ever get around to making dinner one of these days I would love to try out this recipe for oven roasted corn. I have been on such a corn on the cob kick lately or maybe I should say the baby has been on a corn on the cob kick lately (just to you know make myself feel better ;) )!

What have you been lovin' lately?

Recreated// Entryway

May 19, 2014

The entryway to your home can really set the tone for how people are going to perceive the rest of your house. Definitely important to give it some special attention. Today's recreated is this fabulous entryway. I love how it is still relaxed yet perfectly styled. I can also imagine that the rest of the house is just as cozy (also gimme that rug)!!


Source List:
9. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

What do you think? Thinking about sprucing up your entryway?

Lord Of The Rings Art

May 15, 2014

We are huge fans of Lord of the Rings in the Bradshaw house, so naturally we needed some bomb artwork for our living room picture wall. Here are some of our faves that I sourced:

Source List:
1. Lord of the Rings Minimalist Posters: King// Society 6
2. Full Collection of Minimalist Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Posters// Society 6
3. Lord of the Rings Mordor Travel Poster// Society 6
4. You Shall Not Pass Print// Society 6
5. Lord of the Rings The Shire Travel Poster// Society 6
6. One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor// Society 6
7. You Shall Not Pass Limited Edition Screen Print// etsy
8. Gandalf You Shall Not Pass Poster// Society 6
9. Lord of the Rings Tram Scroll// Society 6
10. Lord of the Rings Minimal Film Poster// Society 6

What do you guys think? Are you a huge Lord of the Rings fans? Are you debating naming your first born Frodo or Sam? You can be honest. This is a safe place ;). We are still debating which one(s) to go with (I am so indecisive when it come to designing my own home. It's sort of ridiculous)! I will tell ya this we are leaning towards (1, 3, 6, and 9):

I guess we will just have to see what we go with ;).

An Extra Long T-Shirt

May 13, 2014

You guys this dress is literally an extra long t-shirt. I mean that in the most amazing way humanly possible. It is so comfy and has room to stretch with this growing bowling ball I mean bump ;). Also my love of knit jersey lives on! At this moment, I really can't complain....or can I ;)?

RECREATED//Marvelous Mid Century Modern

May 12, 2014

I don't know about you but I have a major crush on Mid Century Modern design. They just really knew what they were doing in the 1950's. Am I right? Or am I right ;)? Today's recreated is inspired by this living room which has been able to maintain that Mid Century feel with the tapered legs, scandinavian style furniture, and warm toned woods in the 21st Century:


Source List:
1. Blake Down Filled Sofa in Goldengate// West Elm
2. Tuscan Moroccan Shag Rug// RugsUSA
3. Stockholm Cushion// Ikea
4. 22" Vate Pendant// Ikea
5. 18" Vate Pendant (X2)// Ikea
6. Stockholm Cushion// Ikea
7. Carmela Table// Urban Outfitters
8. Star Block Pillow// Urban Outfitters
9. Dagmar Chair// Urban Outfitters
10. Woven Wall Mirror// Urban Outfitters
11. Potted Plants
12. Acid Etched Letters// Urban Outfitters
13. Rock Candy Tiger// Society 6
14. Kaleidoscope Watercolor Print// etsy
15. Abstract Painting// etsy
16. Home is Wherever I'm With You// Mer Mag
17. Open Nightstand// Urban Outfitters
18. Mid Century 3 Drawer Dresser// West Elm
19. Tulip Chair// Overstock
20. Lack Shelf// Ikea
21. Hissmon/Sjunne Desk// Ikea

What do you think? Are you a Mid Century Modern lover? 

Recreated//New Bohemian Bedroom

May 8, 2014

I have been obsessed with Amber Lewis (Amber Interiors) since like blog post #1. Her aesthetic is so unique, colorful, and eclectic. She also owns a shop where she sells the most amazing turkish kilim rugs, pillows, and accessories. She is also a major pioneer in the "new bohemian style" trend going on. My take on new bohemian is that it is super west coast style. Which means using ethnic colorful fabrics mixed with vintage pieces. The bedroom that I am recreating today is from her previous home and I just love it! Here is the original:

So fun and funky right? Don't get me started on that sweet little pooch on the bed either! Here is my spin on it:

Source List:
1. Ikat Ogee Linen Curtains in Ivory/Platinum//West Elm
2. Industrial Task Lamp in Black//West Elm
3. Bamboo Blinds//Home Depot
4. Indoor Plants
5. Taj Wall Mirror//Urban Outfitters
6. Natural Woven Side Table//Serena and Lily
7. Ceramic Horse Head//etsy
8. Upholstered Headboard//ZGallerie
9. Vintage Peruvian Blanket (to reupholster headboard)//etsy
10. Turkish Rug Kilim Lumbar Pillow//ebay
11. Round Hoop Bed Canopy//Amazon
12. Ombre Throw//West Elm
13. White Duvet Cover and Shams//Pottery Barn
14. Venice Shaggy White Rug//RugsUSA
15. Harper Denim Rug//Serena and Lily
16. Degraw Bench//West Elm

What do you think? Is the "new bohemian style" your thing? 

Urban Outfitters Picks

May 7, 2014

I was checking out Urban Outfitters' rug selection for the perfect rug for the nursery when I found that they have a lot of fun furniture and accessories for up to 70% off! If you are anything like me and can appreciate some off the wall knick knacks painted in bright colors this sale is for you! Here are some of my faves:

Source list:
1. Modern Chair marked down from $329 to $299! Also available in a variety of colors.
2. Gumball Desk Lamp marked down from $69 to $49! Also available in a variety of colors.
3. Locust Round Wire Bins marked down from $14-$29 to $9-$24!
4. Wire Plant Stands (set of 3) marked down from $98 to $59.99! Also available in yellow.
5. Meadow Handmade Rug marked down from $44 to $29.99! 
6. Boho Side Table (I would say it is more of a coffee table) marked down from $159 to $49.99!!
7. Falling Stars Dhurrie Rug marked down from $59 to $29.99!
8. Turned Leg Table marked down from $149 to $49!! Also available in rosey pink.
9. Neon Crochet Pillow marked down from $44 to $19.99! Also available in yellow.
10. Assembly Modern Home Table marked down from $129 to $49!! Also available in white.
11. Helping Hands Catch All Dish marked down from $12 to $6.99!
12. Geo Table Lamp marked down from $89 to $69!
13. Cactus Ring Holder marked down from $16 to $9.99!
14. Tavern Bistro Table marked down from $229 to $99.99!
15. Stripe Fringe Pillow marked down from $34 to $14.99!Also available in orange and white.
16. Tissue Box Cover marked down from $8 to $4.99!

I currently have 2, 3, 6, 10, and 16 in my basket (so much for rug shopping for the nursery...whoops)! Are you picking up anything from UO? Found any other good deals lately? Do tell ;) #imahoarder #adealhoarder ;).

Lately Loves

May 5, 2014

1/ I am loving this bedroom. Let me rephrase, I am loving the macrame headboard in this bedroom. Macrame seems so hot right now! I would love to do this in our room but at the rate I am going with designing our house I should be ready to tackle our room in about 5 years ;). I am horrible at making decisions for my own home!
2/ Bought these curtains for bebe boy's nursery. Hoping they show up more green than tan (fingers crossed).
3/ If you follow me on instagram you will have noticed that my bust collection has now expanded to include a George Washington. The bust collection currently consists of: an Elvis, a grecian planter head (ironically named Busty), a Batman cookie jar, one left hand, 5 composers, 1 set of praying hands, and a Batman miniature (but I need more)!
4/ Loving this DIY on how to make your own acrylic curtain rods. I am definitely going to do this in the somewhere.
5/ Debating my need for another pair of Birkenstocks. I have a pair of Arizonas, but these Gizehs are calling my name.

6/ Love easy DIY's like this. So modern and simple. What more could you ask for?
7/ Being pregnant I think that I am going to be living in dresses and skirts this summer (hello air flow)! Loving this, this, and this.
8/ These sconces are uh-mazing. They would look killer anywhere really, but I would love to see them flanking the sides of a bed (oh so dreamy). Oh and I haven't even gotten to the best part...They are $59 each...Run people...Run.
9/ I think that I have reached the almighty decision on what stroller to get. This one is my fave, and not too pricey #bonus ;).
10/ Been using all of these fonts found from this blog post. Love me a good fun and funky font!

More importantly, what are you lovin' lately?

Project Gladwell Residence: Dining Room

May 1, 2014

While I was in school I had the opportunity to work with a newly married couple who just bought their first home. Their new place was roughly 1500 square feet and was built in the 1930's. The dining area was the first place we tackled since it was the one of the first spaces you noticed when walking into their home. I presented a couple of inspiration pictures to them and they fell in love with this room:

They loved the idea of having built in seating. Since the space was open the built in seating really grounded the space and gave it more character. Here is what we came up with:

Source List:
-Dining Table: CB2
-Paint for dining table legs: Behr Watermelon Pink//High Gloss
-Pendant Light: West Elm, no longer available here is a similar option (we went with 2)
-Bambo Shades: Home Depot
-Built-ins by local contractor
-Built-in cushions: local upholsterer
-Built-in cushion fabric: Robert Allen Velvet
-Pillow Fabric
 1. Schumacher
 2. Robert Allen
 3. Robert Allen
 4. Robert Allen
-Mid-Century Modern Clock: etsy (sold out) Similar
 1. Dogs in Clothes: Uncovet
 2. C'est Nois: Meg Biram
 3. Love Print: etsy
 4. Cactus: Sophie Le Cuyer

Can't wait to show you the rest of the house. This was a really fun project! I would gladly move right on in ;).

Need help with turning an inspiration pic into reality? Check out my services page and I can hook you up ;)!

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