Shades of Blue Easter Eggs

March 16, 2016

Blue is my favorite color to use during the holidays. Blue Christmas lights make me weak in the knees. If only I could convince my husband of the magical power the color blue has on the holidays. As you can see where I am going with this it was only natural for me to make a blog post about blue Easter eggs!

-1 dozen of eggs
-2 bottles of blue food coloring
-white vinegar
-6 12 oz minimum cups
-6 spoons

1. Hard boil your eggs.
2. Set out your six cups. You might want to label them to keep things straight.
3. Add one cup of boiling water to each glass.
4. Add 2 teaspoons of white wine vinegar to each glass.
5. Add 2 drops of dye to the first glass and mix.
6. Add 6 drops of dye to the second glass and mix.
7. Add 10 drops of dye to the third glass and mix.
8. Add 20 drops of dye to the fourth glass and mix.
9. Add 45 drops of dye to the fifth glass and mix.
10. Add 60 drops of dye to the sixth glass and mix.
11. Submerge an egg into each glass and let the eggs sit for 5 minutes or until the desired color has been reached.
12. Replace the eggs into the egg carton to let the eggs dry.
13. Display, eat, and ENJOY!

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