Watercolor Easter Eggs

March 18, 2016

This tutorial is a crazy one that went wonderfully wrong. I started out wanting to make these beautiful marbeled Easter eggs. I followed all of the steps and when I went to rinse the eggs off...there was no marbling. Not even a hint of marbling. After I got over the initial, "these aren't absolutely perfect" shock I decided to just rename them and roll with it. Here we are! Just turning lemons into lemonade since 1985!

-Hard boiled eggs
-Gel food coloring
-Cool Whip
-Paper plates
-Paper Towels

(Again I need to preface that I totally messed these up so if you follow this tutorial you may very well just end up with beautifully marbled eggs!)
1. Add 2-3 T of vinegar to the eggs turning them to make sure they are coated.
2. Scoop some of the Cool Whip into the container. About 2-3 inches in the bowl.
3. Add about 10 drops of the gel food coloring to the Cool Whip. Add as many colors as you would like 10 drops at a time.
4. Use your spoon to swirl the colors into the Cool Whip.
5. Gently place the egg into the Cool Whip and rotate it gently until it is generously coated.
6. Place the egg onto a paper plate and set it aside.
7. Add a few more drops of gel food coloring to the Cool Whip and swirl.
8. Repeat steps 4-7 until you have colored all of your eggs.
9. Put the eggs in the fridge and let them sit with the excess Cool Whip on them for 8-12 hours.
10. After letting the eggs sit for the allotted amount of time rub the excess Cool Whip off with a paper towel, Make sure that you do not use too much pressure or rub too hard.
11. That's it! Just display, eat, and enjoy your beautiful eggs!

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