Mud Cloth DIY

April 5, 2016

I am a huge supporter of the ethnic fabrics that are all over the place in interior design right now. I am however not a huge supporter of the cost of said ethnic fabrics. I knew that with a little time and a white paint pen that I could come pretty close to the real deal.

-Black cotton fabric (I think I used a yard per pillow since I believe the size of these pillows are 26x26)
-White paint pen (I ended up using 2 and bought mine at Joanns)
-White or cream cotton fabric for the back (I used a yard per pillow)
-Inspiration photos for patterns
-These items are necessary but I used them to help keep my lines straight:
   -Fabric cutting mat
   -Fabric cutting ruler

1. Measure your pillow and cut out your fabric accordingly.
2. Find some inspiration pictures of patterns you like on Pinterest.
3. Lay your fabric on your fabric cutting mat.
4. Determine if you would rather go with a more free hand pattern or a structured pattern. (I went with a structured pattern. The right side of my brain demanded it).
5. I decided to create my own pattern and to keep it within a structured pattern. Each stripe that I did varied in widths from 1inch to roughly 2 inches. The spacing I used to in between each stripe was a .5 inch to keep the pattern uniform.
6. This is where the clear fabric cutting ruler comes in handy. Back to the right brain comment that I mentioned earlier, I had to have the lines straight. For goodness sakes do not be like me! Please free hand the pattern. It will save you a lot of time!
7. Next up is the paint pen part. Either free hand your pattern or use a ruler to create your pattern. You can't go wrong! Just have fun with it.
8. Once you have your pattern complete on your pillow top you are going to want to iron it to prep it for attaching the back.
9. I used an envelope enclosure. Here is an easy tutorial to create an envelope enclosure for a pillow.
10. Insert your pillow and throw it on the couch!


  1. Wow! Your pattern is amazingly perfect.

    1. Thank you! I have to admit there was a lot of nights spent binge watching netflix and going over the pattern over and over again! There are some mistakes though, thank heavens for black sharpies right?! Thanks for stopping by!


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