Spring Wreath DIY

April 12, 2016

We did the annual front yard spruce up a couple a weekends ago. When all was said and done our front door stuck out like a sore thumb. We couldn't have this. I knew I wanted to add a wreath that would compliment our yard, so I thought that some simple greenery with a subtle yellow color would look great. I also wanted something that I could leave up for as long as I wanted and it wouldn't look out of place as the seasons change. I have looked at Target and various craft stores for a ready made wreath but I couldn't find what I wanted that wasn't $60. $60...For a wreath?? You gotta be kidding me! I knew I could DIY one for a fraction of the cost. All I needed was a little imagination.

(I brought all of my materials at Hobby Lobby)
-Grapevine wreath
-2 bushels of a boxwood type leaves
-1 bushel of yellow type leaves (really technical terms here)
-Floral clippers or pliers
-Floral wire (pick something with a low gauge so it is easier to twist)

1. Clean up any twigs that are sticking out from your circle or oval shape of the grapevine wreath.
2. Clip the separate stalks away from the bushel of leaves.
3. (This is how I arranged my wreath but feel free to do it however it makes sense to you) I started by placing a piece of a boxwood stalk in the middle of the side of the wreath and securing it with some of the floral wire. I then placed one of the yellow leaf stalks on the outer side of the grapevine wreath and secured it with floral wire. You guessed it you will then place a boxwood stalk on the inner side of the grapevine wreath and secure that with wire.
4. To keep the yellow leaf stalks looking random I would rotate the placement of them around the wreath. Like I listed above since I started with the yellow leaf stalk on the outer side of the grapevine leaf the next stage I would place the yellow leaf stalk in the middle and a boxwood stalk flanking either side. For the next phase I would place the yellow leaf stalk on the inner part of the grapevine wreath with two boxwood stalks beside it.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have circled the wreath.
6. Use access stalks to fill in the gaps to make the wreath look full and fluffy.
7. Hang your wreath and enjoy!

I was able to make my wreath with some stalks to spare for $20! Keep in mind to wait for your craft store to discount their floral department before you buy. I believe at Hobby Lobby it is every other week and use your weekly discount coupon for your grapevine wreath. You could even keep it up year round and it will look great saving you even more $ to spend on those cheeseburger vans you have been eyeing...oh...maybe that's only me ;)!

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