A Post Dedicated To Baskets

June 8, 2016

I will be the first to admit that I am a full blown basket hoarding addict. Especially the really pretty woven ones with an ethnic print or a lid. Oh man...Don't even get me started on a basket with a lid (hasthag all the heart eyes). Last week I revealed my DIY mid century modern inspired shelving unit. Something that I forgot to mention was that the main reason behind the need for the shelving unit was to store my baskets!

My love of baskets really came about after I had Ender. Our home is a little on the small side but I was determined to make every square inch functional. The beauty about baskets is that they are pretty and serve a purpose like storing all.The.TOYS!! Also baskets are a great place to store diapers and wipes so you don't have run all through the house while your 18 month old throws a tantrum and gets you know what all over your freshly mopped floors...Lets get real those floors haven't been mopped in ages but I digress.

When you are living in a space that has to be multifunctional you have to look at your home decor in the same way. For example we have a large ottoman that is stored underneath or shelving unit that we keep all of our shoes in and it doubles as seating for when we have extra guests over. It is a different way of thinking when approaching interior design but having a home decor piece perform a form and a function it makes your limited space stretch even further. That's what we like to call win/win design!

Source List:
-Stripe basket: Zara Home
-Ethnic basket: Thrifted
-Ottoman: Target
-Small wicker baskets: Target
-Wire copper basket: Homegoods

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