Mid Century Modern Shelving DIY

June 1, 2016

The downstairs level of our house is all open, and not to mention small so it needs to fill a lot of needs while looking good! I am a big believer in baskets and whoever dies with the most baskets wins. They hide everything and by everything I mean all of my son's toys. I knew that I wanted to create a wall shelving unit that would flow with the rest of my house, store/hide all of the things, and a place to display my decor. I am a diehard mid century modern design lover. I love that the clean lines and simplicity let the design speak for itself. I am also an over decorator which is a nice pairing for the simplicity of mid century modern design since the space won't feel "too" much...but I'll let you be the judge of that ;)!

If you would like to create your own mid century modern inspired shelving unit then you are going to want to hit up your local home improvement store. I will include a list of the supplies that I used to help!

-Rubbermaid 70" upright twin closet racks (I used 3)
-Brackets (I used 11 of the 12" in length brackets)
-Mounting kits
-12" wide wood planks to cut in various lengths to fit your space
-Level (I purchased a 4' long level it came in handy when making sure that your racks are upright)
-Wood stain (I used a mixture of honey and dark walnut)
-Poly top coat (I used a gloss poly since the wood I purchased was cheap in every sense of the word)

Things that I have learned from doing this project:
1. The install of this project is a two person job. You need someone to keep the level straight while you are marking the areas that need to be drilled.
2. Measure. Measure. MEASURE! What helped me was measuring me wall before hand and coming up with the midline first and measuring your side pieces equidistant on either side and from the edge of the wall or area you are placing your wall unit.
3. Don't be afraid to make your space multifunctional. You can do it all and make it look good while doing it!

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